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Damaged, lost or overdue books


Students are responsible for the books they borrow and due care must be taken when they are in their care. However, we understand that accidents do occur....

If a borrowed item has been lost or damaged, please contact Mrs Haley or send a note via your child. 

We appreciate your support and trust you understand that if books are lost or damaged it would be greatly appreciated if you could replace the book, or contribute to the cost for the replacement.

Overdue booksK

Books can be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time.  They can be returned at any time during the week, not just on your child’s library day.  If your child has not finished reading their book that is OK, however we would prefer that they bring it to the library to renew it. This means that students are regularly checking that they know where their books are.

Students are reminded of their overdue books each week during their library lessons and notes are sent home if they remain overdue.