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As part of our strong and ongoing commitment to Future Focused teaching and learning practices, Gosford Public School will be implementing a Technology for Learning initiative. This initiative will be school-wide with all students K-6 having the opportunity to participate.

Depending on the individual learning requirements of each class, students will have the opportunity (not compulsory) to participate by bringing a personal technology device (that meets school specifications) into school to ‘value add’ to their learning, unit of work, or time specific teaching and learning experiences. Some classes may be completing work that lends itself to the use of a personal technology device for an extended time period, others may only require the use of personal devices during a particular unit of work or short project.

The Technology for Learning (T4L) initiative refers to students bringing a personal technology device to school to use for educational purposes under the direction of a teacher. For the purposes of T4L at Gosford PS, a ‘device’ means a privately owned wireless tablet/laptop/notebook computer.

The school will provide the ability to connect compatible devices to a filtered DoE internet service which will provide safe, secure internet access for students.

There are many reasons for Technology for Learning at Gosford Public School. These include:

  • Bridging the gap between school and home.
  • Personalised and differentiated learning, eg. Using Google Classroom as a platform and a variety of apps to produce quality pieces of work, accessibility and options to adjust to learners’ needs.
  • Augmenting best teaching practice by redefining and modifying what students can do.
  • Allowing students more control/ownership of their learning.
  • Building student organisation skills and sense of responsibility.
  • Fully Engaging students in learning activities.

Gosford Public School is sensitive to the fact that not every family may not be able to access a device for use. It is important to note that students unable to access their own technology will still have the opportunity of accessing technology at school, with the school having both fixed and portable devices available for student use.

For successful access to the DoE internet, strict adherence to device specifications is required. These are set out on the adjoining page. We encourage you to refer to the device technology specification sheet when determining if your child’s device is suitable. Students will be using their device primarily to access the internet, complete set work using Google Apps for Education, as well as using other web-based applications.

Please Note: Gosford PS has made the decision that mobile phones/ smart phones will not be accepted as part of the school T4L Initiative.

Below is an overview of the key points for students, parents and school roles in T4L at Gosford Public School:

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students take full responsibility for their own device. While every effort will be made to ensure their security, the school and its staff take no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to the device either at school or in travel to and from school.
  • The student is responsible for charging their device prior to bringing it to school. It should be capable of running off its own battery while at school. Desired battery life is 6 hours minimum.
  • The student will use the school’s filtered wireless network. Mobile phones are not considered T4L devices. Use of 3G and 4G wireless connections are not allowed.
  • Each device is housed in a sturdy case for protection.
  • To ensure their device has up-to-date anti-virus software installed.


  • Students will need to take their device home each night so that they can be charged.
  • T4L devices are to be stored in class storerooms during lunch and recess breaks.


  • When at school, students should only use their device to access classroom related activities. T4L devices will not be used before/after school or during break times in the playground.
  • Students will comply with teachers’ requests to turn off the device during periods of explicit instruction.
  • Students should not take photos, video or sound recordings of other students and members of staff without their knowledge and consent. They are not allowed to transmit or post photos, video or sound recordings taken at school without the express permission of a teacher.
  • The school reserves the right to inspect a student’s personal device if there is reason to believe that the student has violated school policies, school rules or has engaged in other misconduct while using their personal device.
  • Violations of school or class rules involving a student’s personally owned device may result in disciplinary action or restriction of access.

For more information about our T4L Initiative, please visit the Gosford Public School T4L Policy document available on the school website. Alternatively please contact Mr Allen via the school office.

Technology for Learning is part of an evolution of technology use and our school is leading the way. Developing and maintaining students that are well versed in Digital Technologies is a key area that Gosford Public School believes will set students up for future success. We look forward to students having the opportunity to participate in this initiative which will allow them add value to their existing knowledge and skills to become a ‘future focused’ learner.